Entry #1

Hahahaha, I can't believe that I'm still banned

2007-07-17 20:00:21 by MadCow

That's ridiculous that I didn't get off my 30 day ban after the fuckin redesign. You think the admin would be in a good mood or some shit, or just not add it in or something.

The worst part is that there is no ban message page anymore, it just doesn't let me post, it goes to some white screen.



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2007-07-17 20:05:32

Yeah, I am banned too. And I am itching to post with the new redesign.

My ban epires at like 2 this morning though so I can live without posting.

MadCow responds:

I'm banned for 30 days, last time a checked a could days ago, I had 18 days left. So it's going to take fuckin forever for me to post again.

It's all because I made fun of Wade too, lmao.


2007-07-17 20:36:58

so you got banned for making fun of wade.How bad was it?

MadCow responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/728525 you tell me :o


2007-07-17 22:48:37

Sup n***a

(Updated ) MadCow responds:

I wonder if I can say nigger here :S


2007-07-18 00:16:07

Sup cow.

MadCow responds:

en em yoo?


2007-07-18 11:20:45


MadCow responds:

feck ye nigra!


2007-07-18 17:01:35

d00d the redesign iz so kawaii!!


MadCow responds:



2007-07-19 00:53:23

That is bull,but I like your banner.

MadCow responds:

tkinney made it :(


2007-07-19 03:03:25

i hope as a bug you never get unbanned.

MadCow responds:

have fun taking all the sig requests BY YOURSELF then, sir :[


2007-07-20 00:57:15

You should now stick to making fun of Wade in your blogs.

MadCow responds:

i should, shouldn't I?!


2007-07-20 13:08:34

I figure Wade banned you because he's Wade. lmao

Though, your sig text is dead on. 50 pixles sucks ass for sigs and your sig text is right on the mark.

Good sir, you are a demi-king now.

MadCow responds:

thank you for you comment sir ;)


2007-07-20 18:15:37

Oh wow, you sure did react to that PM for some reason.

Chill Mate.

MadCow responds:

Dude, I guess I'm sorry. Sheesh, you always are such a dsfasdfddsa to me. You piss me off with almost everything you do, then when I lash out at you, you make me feel bad! Sheesh!!


2007-07-21 02:45:51

Hai hotty lookin guud. comment bac! lov ya~ <333

(Updated ) MadCow responds:

hey tyty wuzzup bebe? did u see gerald 2nite? he wuz lookin fiiiiiine :-* <<333<3 andhearts; ^_~


2007-07-24 20:32:55

madcow is tha bestest

MadCow responds:



2007-07-25 22:34:40

I'm gonna rub choclate on your pinky toe.

MadCow responds:



2007-07-26 15:44:02

maid kow

MadCow responds:

zekkky spucly lizurdd


2007-08-02 17:25:47

Oh god i love how you called wade a noob it was simply pure gold i love you!!!


MadCow responds:

lessthanthree caretunderscorecaret


2007-08-02 21:28:17

you owned the HELL out of wade!i wonder why everyone hates him.

MadCow responds:

<3 ^_^


2007-08-03 15:29:49

Your profile image seems very sexual. =3
The pipes going in and out.
Oh yes.

MadCow responds:

mmm fuck yeh suck dat dik biatch


2007-08-03 16:09:54

30 day ban, so that's why the bbs felt empty, without the noob bashing and funny some what disturbing topics. lol all women are robots, that made me laugh so hard!

MadCow responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/top ic/698965
lmao, i just bumped it


2007-08-03 17:11:17

Your e-penis is huge. I want your nunchakus inside of me. >:(

MadCow responds:

i hate my nunchucks to be honest. but i'd rather have them than that crappy level 24 glove thing... that's fo shizzle


2007-08-03 22:45:40

Happy unbanning.

MadCow responds:



2007-08-04 12:22:00

Mighty fine good argument if I do say myself. I hope it was worth the ban though.